What is Clide?

Provides a managed, intuitive, modern and composable API for Visual Studio extensibility and automation. It leverages MEF in Visual Studio, supports unit testing of automation and extensibility code, and provides useful primitives for both consuming VS services and tools as well as providing your own.

How do I get it?

Clide does not ship standalone by default and can only be referenced from extensions as a VSIX. If you want to redistribute the APIs for use without out VSIX or host it on a custom VS Shell, please contact us.

Most WoVS extensions include Clide already, so if you are using any of the popular ones, you already have Clide on your Visual Studio!

How can Clide help me?

If you are authoring any kind of Visual Studio tooling or automation (either from a VSIX or from a NuGet PowerShell script), Clide can make things easier, by providing an intuitive API for the solution, tool windows, option pages, etc.

Head over to the Documentation to learn more about it.



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